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Suspicious Crate Games submission to the Godot Wild Jam #43

In an isolated corner of the universe, space truckers can catch a bite to eat and a hot cup of recaf during their long hauls at this space truck stop. Far from the authority of the monolithic Assembly, the station has also become a hub for members of The Combine, a criminal organization. Unfortunately for Station Administrator Parker, the head of The Combine has just been found dead; his head crushed in an industrial press in the station's warehouse!

Now it's up to the player to get to the bottom of this murder before the Assembly's Justicars arrive on station and take over the investigation themselves. If Parker can't figure out the truth behind this murder, the capricious Justicars will uncover the truth behind this remote outpost...


  • Conduct an investigation by talking to 5 unique NPCs and interact with up to 10 unique objects found in the world to gather information tiles
  • Combine information tiles in your journal using the combinatrix to unlock theories
  • Talk to NPCs about your theories to unlock more information tiles, and eventually end game tiles
  • Confront the Justicars and argue your case to them using information gathered during your investigation


Game Controls:

W Moves forward.

S Moves Back

A Moves Left

D Moves Right

E to talk to NPC's

Tab for Journal


Left mouse button for all interactive elements

Right mouse button to rotate camera.



3D Assets: Thomas Sayle

Character Models & Animations: Coma

Character Portraits/UX: Niky Dang

Creative Director/Producer: James Medway

Level Design: Atlas

Music and Audio: Ramita & Isonzo

Narrative Design: Michael Coorlim & Derek Slagle

Programming Lead: Creator Guy

Title Art: Makayla C.

Special thanks to:

Vahl, Dahee, Evan, Bricks


Airtight 406 MB

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